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Our Story

Our Story

We are intentionally small by design. The founders of this company are entrepreneurs who originally started small and ended up operating large cannabis operations. While it was gratifying to grow those businesses, we strayed too far from our roots-our love of growing great flower. We sold our big business in 2021.

With some money in our pockets, we rounded up like minded individuals and founded Brilliant Buds, a company with one mission-Grow the best flower and share her with the world! In early 2022 we put into action our passion to grow the perfect flower that draws out the maximum terpene profile while maintaining the integrity of that beautiful bud.

Since we are small and produce small batch quantities, we distribute our product through a select few dispensaries. Please visit our partners and check out the availability of our limited releases.

We built and now operate a small cultivation facility in Bethel, Maine. We have carefully selected our cultivars based on the experiences of our discriminating team. Each variety will be unique, however all will have the smell, taste, bag appeal and THC levels that our team members would purchase themselves.

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Our Team

We are proud to provide an incredible team of people to serve you.

John – Co-founder. John built one of the largest cultivation and manufacturing sites in Massachusetts along with three dispensaries. He also supported and sold a medical operation in New York.
Dan – Co-founder. Dan built an edibles manufacturing operation in Colorado.
Keenan – Co-founder. Keenan is a recognized expert for his work in genetics in Washington and Massachusetts as well as Maine.
Jake – Manages our entire cultivation operation. An engineer and skilled cultivator, he brings a ton of experience, having worked in Washington State for several years prior to moving to Bethel.
Justin – Justin is a USMC Veteran who never shies away from the grind. He started his career outdoors in the infamous Emerald Triangle. Transitioning as the industry progressed. Moving west to east, from outdoor to indoor, medical to recreational. A true chameleon of the game. 10+ years of growing experience of Outdoor & Indoor on West and East Coast.
Brittany – Handles key support functions, including compliance, testing, seed to sale tracking and other administrative activities. She earned her stripes in Massachusetts.
Bekah – Chief Operating Officer. Manages the back office, including financial operations, payroll, and procurement support. She has deep experience performing similar functions in the construction industry.
Chris – Handles design and packaging, also a veteran of Massachusetts cannabis operations.